Delivery and Returns

Your hired professional delivering…


Professionals hired on can work with you online/offline as preferred by you or as the case may be.

You are to searchselect and go through the profile of your preferred choice of professional to work for you, select your best choice then Pay Us (into TeachersAroundMe company’s account) online, or via bank deposit or cash transfer. After confirming your payment, your choice of selection would report to you where you want the job to be done for a brief interview (which is optional for you as we’ve done it on your behalf) or to resume duty. (if offline, it would be at the address you gave us)

If for a reason or two, you want to stop the professional working for you, you can contact us giving us the unique code of both professionals after searching for a replacement in the previous professional field (mostly price related) offering same or more value than the professional you want to change. This is to say your money would be rolled over to the new professional who is to continue work from where the previous runner stopped.

Professionals Hired on the TeachersAroundMe’s platform would report to you as scheduled by you or within 48hrs after your request for a brief interview or to commence work.

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